2017.COU.001—Black Wool Shawl


Black shawl, wool, woven with diagonal line and floral border with eight-point stars in corners, overall waffle-weave in center, fringed edges. Worn by Lorraine Coute’s great-grandmother, Francesca Cambra, the mother of her grandmother Hortense (Cambra) Coute. Family lore is that the shawl was worn by Francesca Cambra on the boat from the Azores to the United States prior to 1940, willed to Lorraine from her aunt, Mary (Coute) Hanks. In the collection of Lorraine (Coute) Beaumont.

Click images to view artifact page and image close-up.

Black shawl, full-view
Black shawl, alternate full-view
Black shawl, close-up view with star detail
Black shawl attribution note
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